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It followed me home

For the past year I’ve had an odd problem with my autocross hobby. How can I keep my car looking good inside and out when I keep loading it up with all of this stuff to go racing?

On event weekends I routinely stuff a full set of tires, tool box, floor jack, cooler, and more, into the trunk and back seat of my car to make the 160 mile round trip to the usual autocross venue. I’m honestly getting kind of sick of banging up the interior panels doing this. Then of course there’s all of the extra work involved in packing it just right to get everything in. It’s not like the back of a Mustang is the most spacious thing around.


So this followed me home after Saturday’s autocross:

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The lights and wiring are shot and the wood deck has seen better days, but the frame is good and that’s the important part. Of course my next event is on the 10th, and there’s no way I’ll be able to get this thing completely re-done by then, but I’ll probably be working on it some this week, so we’ll see.

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