It happened again

Another winter rescue thanks to my knockoff maxtrax.

Here is me celebrating in the neighboring church parking lot.

I’ve used them exactly 1 time on my own vehicle, but not to unstick it, just prevent me from rolling off a cliff.


Thats 1 for me and 6 for others.

They are paying off nicely though, if not for me at least other people. That’s fine though, I put them in my cruiser this morning for exactly this.

It was a funny story though so I shall tell you. So it snowed 10 inches this morning, and still coming down and that means people getting caught unprepared. So I’m driving to get my haircut on my lunch break and I see a malibu sticking halfway into the road. I pull off and ask the man using his atv plow to clear the driveway if he needs help - its not his he’s just clearing driveway. Okay, cool. The owner is shouting at me from her garage and I just now notice over the sound of the ATV

“someone said they were getting something to get it out and they’d be back!”

“I can get you out in 2 minute if you want?”


Pull out the Maxsa boards, dig out from around the tires and...the fire department pulls over in their fire truck. Then the ambulance... Then the guy comes back in his slammed STI on summers with a tow strap. By this point the boards are in and ready to go so I have the sti guy (props for helping) drive, the firefighters push while I watched for traction.


Popped straight out with no drama or spinning.

The firefighters were very impressed.


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