It has arrived!

My recently purchased Olds Aurora finally arrived yesterday evening! It was too dark to take any usable pictures so I just snapped a few before leaving to work this morning. Sorry for the crappy parking job, we had to push it into that spot yesterday evening and didn’t wanna block the road for too long.

I had a quick look over the car yesterday to get a better idea of what I’ve actually bought. I think its more or less what I have expected: Very dirty, with a bit of rust (for some reason the passenger side front wheel arch is rusty as hell while the others are perfectly fine), needing a lot of tlc. Most bushings will need replacing, same as the brakes, springs (shock absorbers and a few suspension components probably as well) and a few other things like tires, filters and so on.


The interior is in great condition with the exception of a wet carpet on the passenger side and very mouldy oh-shit handles (no idea why they are and the rest of the interior is fine). It didn’t come with a battery and theres a spare on the back at the moment. I’ll check the fluids and see if I can start it up this weekend, then I’ll probably start making a list of things to get a better overview of what needs doing in the next few months to get it back on the road.

I’ll take some more photos later today and keep Oppo updated!

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