It Has Been A Day

Today was a bit more nuts than I planned on. Started with an unrealistic request from our HR team. No problem, I do unrealistic things all the time. What really tossed things around was my wife calling at 1 to tell me she was being admitted to the hospital.


She had fallen while working in the yard several days ago. She visited the doc the next day and they said she pulled a muscle in her belly. Rest and it should be fine. She went back today after a rough night and they sent her to the ER. Her numbers are all over the place and a CT scan shows she tore the muscle from her sternum to belly button. There was infection and they decided to keep her over night. So I run to the hospital to see her and get things squared away and then I needed to collect the kids from friends. I then needed to take my daughter to her first Cub Scouts pack meeting (you read that right, girls in Cub Scouts now). Get home from that and do some cleaning because my in laws are flying in tomorrow for my wife’s birthday on Saturday.

I have no idea how the rest of the week will go. Just going to keep things on an even keel if I can.

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