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It has been a long while and I could use your help! FIXED!

So I haven't been on here since March, way too long.

Anyways I was driving to work and my truck died going 50. It is a 1990 S10 with a 4.3. I figured it could be fuel, but I put more in the tank and no luck. I replaced the fuel pump relay. No luck. I have been putting fuel in the throttle body, and no hint of it starting. Any ideas? I really could use your help since I am stranded at work.. Distributor cap and wires all good and recently replaced. Also fuses are good.

EDIT: GOOD NEWS, I FIXED IT! I was running back and fourth to the parts store and I nearly replaced everything for the ignition system. It turns out it was the ignition control module. So I took all of the new parts off replaced the control module, and bam! She worked. I much rather be working, but at least the truck is running again.


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