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It has come to this

I’m probably going to buy a snowblower this weekend. Really deep snow is fairly rare here so I’ve always been able to do the job with a shovel and a bit of swearing, but the purchase of the new house and its 3-car garage as well as an actual sidewalk makes that untenable. The weird thing is that I enjoyed shoveling snow (up to a point). It was always quiet when I was doing it and usually dark so it was a kind of zen experience.

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Until the motherfucking plow came by, anyway. Then the swearing increased exponentially. Now it’s going to be akin to mowing the yard only colder and with more snow blowing in to my face. At least it will save my shoulders.

Bonus shot of my old minivan that my wife hated with every fiber of her being. Great winter beater, though. 

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