It has moved!

Turbos are running no restrictors through a -4an line and +100psi of oil pressure, no smoke out the exhaust.(the heat wrap that got soaked is a different story)


The clutch still slips as you get into power, but I’m going to see about getting the car on a dyno and a preliminary tune made so that the cars safe to daily drive while I save for the Twindi$c clutch.(and/or rebuild the mini’s haggard engine)

Pcv system is currently vented to atmosphere through both valve covers and line directly connected to the crank case through the old oil level sensor port. The next step it the connect both valve cover pcv lines to seperate catchcans and route them into the turbo intake for some semblance of vacuum under load.

Worked a BOV into the mix, my welding is getting -less- shoddy as time wears on.

A little splatter is inevitable using Flux core wire. The whole project has been done using a Century 90amp, I’d highly recommend as a cheap welder for auto use it’s been miles better over the HF 90amp.

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