It Has To Be Done, But...

This is one of those eviction stories that might end up as a tragic news story.

So, recently, I’ve posted about an uncle sharing residence with me and with the way he’s been living, I’m going to be broke because of the utilities and he simply doesn’t care.

I just got the okay to evict him and his stuff...

... But here’s the problem.

He’s... Well, he’s a bible-thumping nutjob... Squared.

And considering his history (car accidents, just got thrown out of grandmother’s residence by HOA, etc.), I feel like this might end badly for me.


So I guess this might be my last page, after all. Going to the police station to try and ask for suggestions as to how I can evict him without an issue (otherwise... Yeah. You get the gist.)

But yeah. In case something does happen to me, well... Thanks, Oppo, for being there for me and making me chuckle on the daily content.

This is Satoshi, signing off... For now. And I hope to come back.

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