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It Hertz me that this wasn't my Rental this week

I travel a lot. That's not the first time I've typed that sentence. I occasionally report on my Rental car. So far I've had some alright cars, but nothing to get excited about. After turning in my so-so Nissan Rogue (more on that in a different post), I strolled past this Penske Hertz Rent-a-Racer. It was definitely eye watering. I mean it. I had to wipe tears away knowing this was here for the taking.


A few things jumped out at me. First was the placement of "Hertz" within what would have been the Mustang logo. It's interesting, but more in the way Rachel Dratch is interesting. That's probably not a compliment.

Next I noticed the Boss 302 Front Splitter, which is interesting in a really good way.


So now that our rental car is firmly planted to the ground, let's stop it with some Brembo brakes, shall we? Of course those light weight Ford racing wheels won't hurt either.


And overall, it's really a nice paint scheme. Even out in the wild without the control of its Ford caretakers. It appears this one is so new, that it doesn't even have plates yet, so perhaps I would've been doomed with the Nissan Rogue no matter what.


From the Press Release:

Performance Upgrades, including: Quad-Tip Exhaust System, Air Intake and ECU Tuning Upgrade, 3.55 Gears, and Brembo® Brakes
Interior Upgrades, including: Black Recaro Racing Seats, Laguna Seca Gauge Pod, Limited Edition Interior Dash and Engine Bay Plaques, Custom Floor Mats and Door Sills, and Ford's Touchscreen Entertainment System with GPS and Back-up Camera
Exterior Upgrades, including: Black exterior with unique Hertz yellow racing stripes, Boss 302 Front Splitter, GT500 Rear Valence, Upgraded Suspension and Handling, Custom Graphics Package, and Custom Hertz Faux Gas Cap

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