So I’ve been wanting to gut the DPF on the Skoda Octavia for a while now, and the well reputed company behind my desire to gaslight the Skoda’s ecu offers 3 levels of power upgrade: ‘Stage 1' 204hp, ‘Stage 2' 218bhp (no DPF) , and ‘Stage 2+’ 228HP (no DPF), all available with nothing but a K&N panel filter and some £££ as modification.

Currently I want to play it safe and aim for the Stage 2 tune, which is the first available once the DPF has been gutted, but 10 horsepowers is 10 horsepowers, and I’m assured that the engine/trans/blah blah is capable. Should I be sensible? Or risk early turbo retirement due to over-exertion? I’m assuming that the more power that is pushed out of the little 2.0, the more coal will be rolled out of the NOx tubes. Not a desirable effect in my books. This is also my reliable DD, so that’s something to consider.