Picture this: you are washing a car that you just bought on your own driveway, in front of your own home, on a nice Saturday morning. Then the cops write you a ticket for it.

Impossible? Not in beautiful Garden City, New York, where the police consider anywhere that can be seen by the public as a "public place". No big deal, right? Wrong. Apparently, there is a city ordinance stating that no one can clean furniture (beating out a dirty rug, hosing off your crusty couch) OR VEHICLES in a public place. And yes, they will give you a citation for it.

One of Garden City's Finest rolled up to this gentleman's house and told them that one of their neighbors called the police station to report this criminal activity. Since the "public" now apparently owns all places seen from the street, he proceeds to instruct him never to wash his vehicle in his own driveway again. If he does, tickets will rain from the heavens and the fines will flow.

Just FYI: it's legal for a woman to walk topless on the streets of NYC.