It is my 2 year Oppoversary, glad I could get it in before Oppo goes kaboom


Damn, a lot’s changed in those 2 years (that I originally thought and said was 3 years until I did the math just now and realized I’m an idiot). But yeah, two years. In celebration of my existence, I am posting never-before-seen cursed images from 2 years prior to me joining Oppo. 9/25/2015, the CR-V’s big accident that somehow didn’t total it, the one where it got rebuilt with still a clean title, the one I’ve bitched endlessly about for two years. But here is the aftermath. Only fitting that I post it right before Oppo goes the way of the dodo, but hey, if the CR-V can come back and run near-perfectly-adequate from a big hit like that for another 4 years, then I believe Oppo can too, whether on Kinja or not. Oppo is not a place, but the people in it. We are Oppo. Oppo is we. Hondoyota out for what’s probably the 50th damn time, give or take a few zeroes. (drops mic, kicks it, hits Supreme Chancellor in the head, knocks him out, everything catches on fire)

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