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One of the reasons I quit my job in Savannah and moved to Greenville was because I had basically no social life. Really the only person I knew there was my sister, which she’s great to hang out with but she’s engaged and doing her own thing. Her, her fiancé, and I did do dinner pretty much every Tuesday night, but I needed more social interaction than that. I also hated that job.


I had several offers to go back to the oilfield, but I decided that trying to be happy and having friends was more important than money. I really wanted to go back, but I had to stop being lonely and miserable. If I had gone back to the oilfield I probably could have bought myself another fancy car, but would that have really made me happy? I do get joy from my M3, but it doesn’t really bring me lasting happiness.

So I looked for a job in an area I already had friends and where I would have some semblance of a social life immediately. Yeah, I’m not making the money I would like to be making, but I’m doing alright. More importantly, I’ve actually been doing pretty good on the social life front. Like last weekend, I went out with a friend Saturday night then on Sunday I went over to a friends house where we just sat around while some meat smoked on the grill. It was great, it’s exactly what I needed, people to socialize with. Today I went over to a coworkers house and we took the front off the E30 to reinstate the AC; had to change the condenser first.


There are still some downs, but for the most part, things are looking good. This is probably the best my social life has been since college. I also booked a plane ticket to Costa Rica for a friends bachelor party in late July, because why not. 

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