Summer is here in the San Joaquin.

Personally, I love the heat. Law school in Vermont showed me the light that 4 years in Colorado did not, because Colorado sees the sun in winter.

Being cold fucking sucks. I like being hot - but not humid. No bugs in the evening here. Warm and dry.

So I drove the Sunchaser today, as I do when I work locally, even (especially) when it is hot.


My associate and I met with a lawyer we want to bring in on a case where some doctors acted like pigs to women who worked for them. One doctor gave all of the women packages of lube as gifts, and liked to stand outside the conference room and grab his crotch for people in meetings. These people deserve to get someone like me after them.

I almost always defend, but there is some shit that I have to take on, and in my world, doctors are fair game.

I gave my employee the option of A/C in his Audi, or open air in the Sunchaser. A bit of an enthusiast himself (he walked away from rolling his leased BMW last year), he took the Sunchaser.


After we got back, he admitted he regretted the choice due to the heat. My other associate (Mercedes x-over) laughed at him and told him she will take A/C in German-wrapped luxury.

I of course, drove home from the office in 100 degree heat with a giant smile on my face because Sunchaser. Open air car is the best car; COME AT ME BRO.

I suppose I should make some rant about participation trophies, etc. But I coached my kids in youth sports up until about age 8 or 9, and I liked giving out those trophies because they made the kids happy. There is plenty of time for competiton.


In my view, we need driving age teens to have open air cars with no A/C. They will learn the joy of the sights, sounds, and smells of wherever you are driving. The weather is part of the whole thing. In high school (SoCal), my top was only up in the rain. If it was cold, the top was down with a jacket. As it should be.