It is with a heavy heart that I declare that Troublesome Creek has been downgraded from "Awesome" to "WOOOSHHHHHhhhhHhHeeeeeeeeeerrrRrrrrrrooooo"

Was it because the day we got there gave us a huge thunderstorm? No. I had a new canopy and an effective rain fly. Our site was well covered and overlooked the beautiful blue river.

Was it because the nearest vault toilet was out of commission? No. Walking a little further equals burning calories.


Here was the problem: all night every night, probably two to five times and hour, flights flew right overhead, piercing even the sound of the roaring, calming river. I was woken up probably 8-10 times each night. And if I didn’t wake up, then my dog would growl and that woke me up. But mostly, it was the planes. Sleeping well while camping is not something I ever expect but this was something else.

And it wasn’t the faint, off in the distance commerical flight. It was WHISHSHHSHOSHSHHS RUMBLE RUMBLE

Oh well. I’m going back to St. Helens next year.


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