has been at last issued with one of these

having been refused because of rust and headlights. Rust patched up by body shop, headlights dealt with by your correspondent.

First step was to clean up the lenses so they went from the state on the left of the car to that on the right


Next step was to haul out the HID lights acquired a couple of years ago in an attempt to improve the dismal dipped lights, leaving this pile of now unwanted bits and pieces


Then to install fancy new conventional bulbs. Easy on the passenger side, a nightmare on the driver’s side because no space and the wire is too short which caused a crack and resulting intermittent light failure a couple of years ago, an issue cured by cutting out the cracked section and bypassing the connector, a thing which now causes a problem because the connector has to go directly to the headlight rather than into the HID system.


Time then for an hour or more worth of electrical lash ups using random lengths of wire and domestic connectors. First though space has to be created by getting the power steering reservoir to take a hike and get tucked away under a coolant hose. Then unsuitable connectors and new lengths of unsuitable wire go in


and after all that both bulbs work.

What an automotive electrician would think of all this is unknown.

Next thing is to buy a proper HB4 plug and connectors and do the job properly.