After 3 years of just sitting, the 560SL runs and drives now!

My uncle bought this for $1k instead of $1500 like he was supposed to because it didn’t run and he had to pay to tow it back to his place. He hasn’t had much time to work on it due to work and the cold, but last weekend had some time to work on it and inspect the engine bay. The culprit? Bad spark plugs and—wait for it— the battery was just kinda shoved in there and haphazardly plugged to the rest of it. Family friend apparently didn’t know how to install a battery. This could’ve been extremely bad for my uncle if he tried to drive it the way it was, but due to a little common sense he got it it up and running. Afterwards he #Svended it and plans to service the engine and tune it a bit when the weather is better. Updates will follow soon, stay tuned!