The CX500 is back at my apartment after one VERY uncomfortable 30 minute ride. Going to need to tweak the ergonomics a bit. Also fix this list of things my bike does not have:

  • Speedometer
  • Temp gauge
  • turn signals
  • sensor on the brake handle to turn on the brake light (just the foot pedal works)
  • kill switch
  • side covers
  • front cowl
  • horn
  • mirrors

But hey! It runs and drives and shifts and sounds phenomenal and looks the tits. I’m probably going to buy another wiring harness for it and sit down some lazy weekend with a blown-up printout of the wiring diagram (which actually fits comfortably on a single sheet of paper YAY BIKE THINGS) and start stripping out everything I don’t need and break out some other stuff into sub-harnesses to cut down on redundant wires. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the ergonomic disaster that is my front handlebars figured out.