That’s a whole 12 blocks without dumping all its coolant. TWELVE BLOCKS!!!

There’s still a couple things left to button up, but for all intensive purposes the Littlest Comanche is back up and running again. Two weeks of evenings (with a few off) in the driveway, in the dark, with temperatures around 0°F (so still warm enough to work, but cold enough for laying on the ground to suck), plus a couple weekend days, to drop in the one YJ engine. It was a little rough at first but after idling until it melted all the snow off the windshield, it’s smoothed out quite a bit.

Now that it runs and drives without puking its guts out and cooking itself, I can finally start to work out all the new-to-me-$700-Jeep bugs. First order of business will be winter tires and then I suppose I should do something about the mediocre brake performance. Although running around on the snowpacked streets wasn’t too bad tonight... tough to say whether no brakes or just no traction, haha. And something’s up with the power steering. Not sure what cause it steers just fine, it's just howling.


Also, moonlit mountains are pretty.

And iPotato SE photos in the dark, not so much.

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