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It may be almost 2018, but you can still buy a brand new 2015 Mercedes

Today in unnecessary car shopping with E90M3, we take a look back to the year 2015. Wanted to buy a new C250 coupe in 2015 but for some reason you didn’t? Well you no longer have to live with that regret because Mercedes-Benz of Hilton Head has you covered. That’s right, they still have a brand new 2015 on the lot, which they’re asking $40k for. What makes this even better?


That’s right, it was built in July of 2014. You know what else happened in July of 2014? I got my M3. That means this thing has been sitting on the lot almost as long as I’ve had my M3; assuming that it took about 8 weeks to get there and it was built in early July.

If you’re still in somewhat of a shock, what’s better than one leftover 2015? Two leftover 2015s! That’s right, they’ve got two 2015 C250 coupes! 44k for a 2015! Hot damn.

But wait! There’s more. You might be thinking there is no way they have a third 2015 C250. You would be correct; however, they’ve got another 2015. That means at this one dealer they have three 2015s.


At least this GLA250 was made in 2015.

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