It may not be Svended, but it is pretty clean.


I detailed the F150 for the first time today. It was also a day of trying out a two bucket wash method and a new wax. As a result, I’m now a two bucket wash convert.

I upped the car wash soap concentration to help strip whatever they prepped it with at the dealership and used some makeshift grit guards in my new two bucket set up. Following the wash and dry, I spent some quality time with the clay bar. I’d never clayed a brand new car before, and I was astonished at how much crap I got out of the finish. At that point it looked great, had no evidence of any swirls and felt perfectly smooth, so I saw no need for a polish and went straight to a coat of wax.

I’m a happy camper with the result, and now it feels like we both fully know each other.

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