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It Moooves!

More progress in project Make Casey Great Again: we have motion!

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This one was easy - 3 litres of fluid for the power shuttle and a couple of litres of transmission oil. Hardest part was finding out what the correct shuttle fluid was - the manual says Case TCH Fluid, and even the Case dealer couldn’t tell me what that translates to in modern parlance. Went with Case’s current torque converter fluid (Hytran) in the end.

Motion now reveals the next obstacles:

  • the brakes only grab a fraction, which means it doesn’t steer to speak of. Hopefully adjusting the pullrods will fix that: I did one side but the other’s seized - its soaking in CRC till I next get a chance to play. If that doesn’t fix it the diff cover’s going to have to come off to tighten (or worse, reline) the brake bands.
  • my previous statement that the hydraulics work was optimistic. The bucket goes up but it won’t stay up - one of the cylinder seals is shot and the oil weeps out.
  • either the trans or power shuttle (or both) has a pretty decent leak - nonstop stream of drips. Which explains why the need for lots of fluid. This one may turn out to be a project killer, if its a gasket that needs dismantling half the dozer to repair it. I could ignore it, but if I piss away litres of fluid every time I use it, it’s going to get expensive (not to mention messy). If I’m lucky it’ll fix itself once the offending seal soaks a bit, or at worst turn out to be replaceable hose or plug.

Tune in for the next installment, where I hopefully achieve turning and stopping, and learn how to replace a cylinder seal.

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