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It moved (Mali Update)

Yes I know this doesn’t say Lotus, it says Mali. I will have a Lotus update later but this weekend I moved the Mali back to the driveway so I can separate the body off the frame again and finish welding.


It was an interesting process as it was at the top of a hill and it has no brakes, or drive shaft. I moved it out of the popup garage by pulling it with my lawn tractor with some 4x4s to be wheel stops. This worked decently until it rolled over one and it got stuck on the exhaust. I think the car is a little low. On Sunday my friend/coworker Kelso from my Mazda club came over to help move the Mali after I helped him get locking lug nuts off his car (another crazy story).

Pictured Kelso having too much fun.

We hooked the Lawn tractor to the back of the car with a come-along and used the tractor as the brakes. Well downhill the Mali started pulling the tractor, I have some nice ruts in the side yard now, but it leveled out and no one died. Then hooded the tractor to the front, pulled it the rest of the way to the driveway and got some very funny looks from my wife as she pulled in.


Next up was brute force as we pushed it up to the parking spot but the ass-end was still to far out, so my brilliance we jacked up the rear so the back wheels were off the ground and swung the ass over to make the car straight. Ended up bending the frame a little bit back there but I had to finish re-welding a section back there anyways.

Kelso trying to figure out how that actually worked

So now the car is in the driveway, maybe this week ill separate the body and frame, at least clean the mouse nests out of it (stupid rural areas..) and get started. We also started the engine up for a few seconds to blow out the exhaust, I love how loud it is with just headers, I’m sure glad my neighbors are not so close.


Until next time!

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