It Nearly Happened Again...

My Mustang quite nearly joined the ranks of the thousands of pedestrian slaying ‘stangs that we’ve been seeing. I was driving through a residential area at 6 this morning. I was going 30mph as I approached a crosswalk (in DC, the law says that you have to stop at a non-intersection crosswalk to let pedestrians across). As I got within what seemed like a car length, I saw a runner (aka a fucking bozo wearing all black while running across the street before dawn) literally within 5 feet running for the street. I slammed on the brakes, ABS kicked in, and I came to a dead stop with my Mustang’s nose within the crosswalk. The runner yelled something unintelligible and I was on my way. My Mustang begrudgingly carried on, ever hungry for blood. On a positive note, I didn’t need any coffee this morning.


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