Insulting hot take incoming

We need a reality check on the Supra.

The only reason ‘we’ care about the Toyota Supra is because of the fast and the furious. Which is why A80s are catching crazy prices but A70s aren’t.

So, a movie starring a probable sex offender with a highly modified car made up our minds about the Supra. A real Supra needs a cast iron engine because tuners can’t fathom the effects of weight on cars and only want to push 800hp out of an engine and make the car basically undrivable.

Some say that the Supra should’ve had a 2GR engine, but being cast aluminum, I bet they would’ve been underwhelmed by the tuneability. It’s also heavier in N/A form than the B58.

So about weight, despite more equipment, better crash safety, and more powerful engines, the A90 is as heavy or lighter than the A80 when you compare model for model.


A real supra needs to be manual because fuck automatics (even if they are quicker) and because only haf of the A80s sold were automatic.

OH half of the cars sold were autos? How the hell did that happen in the 90s!?!

Maybe because of the price, cus a Supra was very expensive back then, more than the equivalent model now.

SO, if we stopped judging the Supra with the movies, maybe we could see that Supras were never “amazing.” it was a competent car, but that’s it.

If you can’t deal with the fact that Toyota did a business venture with BMW in order to get a six cylinder, rear wheel drive coupe to market even with enviromental and safety pressures, then maybe you should buy a BR-Z

Oh sorry, an 86.