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IT question for those well versed in XP

First off no this is not my computer and yes I've talked to my buddy about upgrading. Ok got that out of the way. Backstory time.

So I've been doing IT for two years now. I used XP when I was younger then jumped to OSX. When I started my IT career I jumped straight to Win 7. All my troubleshooting has been with that so XP, while not entirely lost on me, is not my strong suit. So has anyone ever seen this "shutdown" option in XP?


The computer was ravaged by Trojans, and by my own personal mistake has been made nearly unusable ( I accidentally pulled the HDD while it was still on and then I modified some permissions making even installing drivers impossible).

Well before I start rambling, thankfully my dad (who has been doing IT since long before I was born) had an XP disc so I can reinstall until my buddy can buy a decent computer. Regardless, I thought this was rather amusing.

I definitely need to be a lot more careful next time. I figured this would be a throw on my dock situation where I could clean the viruses, check some files, then put back on the XP machine. Well a combination of things has made that very difficult. I have spent 6 hours alone on it today trying to get it stable. I hate reinstalling OS's with a passion and feel that there is almost always a fix. I'm often wrong, but I've also often learned a lot in the process.

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