So, last night. I was taking my Mustang out to a friends. I notice his neighbor had one also. His was black, mine’s green.

We start playing cards,drinking and eventually move onto Mario Kart 64. Like we always do. We drink and play MK64 until we go to bed.

I wake up this morning to go to leave, and my Mustang is gone. There’s glass where it was parked, and it’s gone. Alot of the other cars on the street had there window busted out, with misc stuff taken.

I call the police, do all that crap with them. They asked why we couldn’t hear anything outside, because we were drinking in the basement, playing Mario Kart. They said they’ll look for it, I get a ride home and now I’m back into my old car my Fit.

I have a feeling it was someone with access to a tow truck, because my Stang was a stick. My friends driveway has a slight incline. So I figure either it was a good thief or a tow truck.

I’m pissed. This shit is getting old. I can’t have a nice new car. First stang was totaled, the 2nd was stolen. I’m not buying another. Even if the police find it, I’m not taking it back. My insurance is already aware of the situation. I refuse to deal with it.


Never had a car stolen until now, I would have figured with a 2016s anti theft, it wouldn’t have been possible. I know whatever my next car is, it’s getting the kind of car alarm that you won’t steal it. Hood switch, trunk switch, incline switch, window sensors, all that shit.

The bad part of all this, there was a loaded 40 caliber pistol in it. The police have it’s serial number. I’m sure the pistol will turn up eventually. Had some custom engraving work on it.

Ugh.. So now I get to drive my old dirty Honda around while I wait. I may take the rental from the insurance. At least itll be better than my old Honda that’s been sitting for a while now.