Carbs are back in the bike aaaaand it starts! And moves! Poorly.

Took the bowls off and removed the main jet and jet holder without taking the carbs back off. SKILL. It was like playing Operation except there’s barely enough room for you hand and everything burns you. FUN.

The nominal main jet sizes for a Kasasaki 500 are .99-1.08-ish MM. I grabbed a 1.27mm allen key and it went right through the aftermarket jet that is in the bike, so that is WAY larger than it’s supposed to be. The reason for the allen key is that some jets are measured in CCs flowed per minute, while OEM Keihin jets are measured where a #102 jet is 1.02mm, #107 is 1.07, etc. so this confirmed that this no-name jet labeled #135 is probably 1.35mm. That’s too big even if this bike had pod filters. It came to me with no air filter and the float bowls poorly sealed with RTV so... who the fuck knows what was going on here.


mmmmm fancy


Bonus NB now with 100% less cateracts now that I bought some more PlastX after my detailing stuff all got stolen a few months back.