After 15 Years, all 4 cylinders and a turbo run smooth and healthy, I was able to bleed the cooling system and do a partial ignition timing; but there are new challenges before it can actually be driven.

  1. The starter finally gave up after the first startup so we couldn’t do an effective timing of the ignition system, the 931 starter was superseded by 944/951 starters so I found a used late 944 starter for $25.
  2. With the car having sat with a moldy and moisture-ridden carpet, good chance that a lot of the connections could have corrosion. Fortunately I’m not dealing with Lucas Electrics and the 924 has robust wiring. I’m gonna clean every ground, contact and connection I can find in the car.(Contact cleaner and a steel wire brush)
  3. I don’t have a working horn...But I have working turn signals and one brake light. Contact cleaner will do wonders here.
  4. New tires are here but the car can’t be driven or even moved until the starter and timing is done.
  5. Passenger window won’t go up. Window switches and aforementioned wiring is the suspect.

But this is great progress!! I was actually able to move the car out of the driveway and drive a few houses down and back and shift the dogleg box for the first time, it was glorious.

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