I love DSMs, how could you NOT love them? Anyways, my life has involved them for over 15 years. Since I’ve purchased my 1990 Talon TSi I’ve been so happy and proud to own it, and love posting updates here on Oppo. I hinted last week of my Megan coilovers being done, and I do not disappoint. Additionally, I’ve installed more kick ass upgrades, and ordered much, much more from some favorite vendors.

Before I get to that though, another 2G Eclipse is in the garage now, our buddy Casey’s 1999 GSX. This one is fairly rust free, and the interior is the rare mocha on black with leather. The motor was using quite a bit of oil after 230,000 miles, and we have a rebuilt 7 bolt 4G63 just waiting to replace it. While we pulled the motor, Casey and I decide to use a NAPA version of POR-15 under the hood, to cover some existing minor surface rust on the strut towers, and prevent any new rust.

If you know anything about 2G DSMs, you know they left the factory with strut tower rust, being proactive isn’t a bad thing here. Turned out pretty damn good I think, especially considering we definitely aren’t painters. We just need to trim the front bumper for the massive front mount intercooler and she’s going to look nasty.


Last but not least in other DSM life, a while back I’d mentioned in an article that my buddy Nathan purchase a time capsule 1992 Talon TSi AWD, it’s been in our circle forever. It had sat indoors for the last five or six years, you’ll see the heavy dust blanket on it. So I’ll throw some pics up, as we’re getting ready to drop a rebuilt 6 bolt into it.

As far as my 90 Talon, coilovers are on as I mentioned, and I cannot recommend the Megans enough, they ride very well and are far from harsh. Dampening on mine is set about 12/32 and it rides very well. Handling is tremendous versus OEM and I now have traction in second gear, so that’s a huge improvement.

Speaking of second gear, I got tired of missing second due to a tired and sloppy shifter, so I did something about it. I used a parts shifter that was fully rebuilt and shimmed, and rebuilt mine using it. I got lucky because ALL transmission parts for a 1990 are exclusive to the 1990 model year.

While I was in there, I replaced the 27 year old rubber base bushings with Torque Solution Billet base bushings, and popped out my old cable bushings. For those, Extreme PSI cable bearings were pressed in using my C clamp. I ditched the “donkey dick” OEM shift knob, it was torn, beat up and tired. They do live up to their nickname though, they’re quite large and hideous.


A 1.5 pound Extreme PSI Billet knob replaced it, and being counter weighted, it certainly can’t hurt with faster shifting. After roughly two hours of labor, I mounted the center console back up and took it for a drive, and I couldn’t be happier. Shifting is as smooth and accurate as any new car I’ve driven recently, and I can bang gears at warp speed now!

Throwing up some pictures of everything we’ve talked about, so skim through them and let me know what you think. When I get back home Friday, I’ll have about four more boxes of goodies to get thrown on, and slowly but surely, my DSM will get nicer and nicer as I go.

Motor is out and under hood paint work is done
Another close up of the paint work
The rebuilt and shimmed assembly from the legendary 1990 Laser that Nathan built years back
Removing my old assembly after most of the center console came off
Trying to decide if I was gonna run the big bore bolt and eliminate my neutral return spring or not
Cable bearings all done and buttoned up. Yes it was fun to do as it looks.
Extreme PSI knob is absolutely where it’s at, no I couldn’t get it to line up. Going to rig a jamb nut next week.
I know, gotta clean the dash after working. Center vent is out and billet gauge pod is in, this will house my AEM boost gauge and Innovative wideband.
Low life
Looking good
Needs washed, but there’s how she sits
Coilovers even look pretty under the hood!
The time capsule AWD Talon, literally this car is MINT!
Those wheels already have been claimed....by me! They’ll hold my slicks next year. I think the car needs washed, no?

Hi, my name is Matthew and I have a DSM addiction. Parts vendors send me Christmas cards and their children thank me for keeping their daddy in business. I wake up thinking about torque steer and turbo spool, and I go to sleep thinking about how I cannot wait to fab up my bumper exit exhaust. If you love DSMs like I do, be sure to follow me!

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