Sad day indeed, but I’ve come to the realization that it’s almost time to winterize and store my beloved 1990 Talon TSi. My buddy just stored his Challenger SCAT, and I now realize that I need to enjoy my precious time I have left.

I just ordered some Sta-Bil to put into the fuel tank, and I’m going to pull each spark plug and put a teaspoon of Mystery Marvel Oil into each cylinder. I’m also going to order a battery tender, and she’s gonna hibernate until roughly the end of April.

The mercury has dropped below 32 a few times now in mid-Ohio and we’ve had snow fall already, I refuse to drive this car through any salt. Plus, it’s quite challenging to drive on a cold and damp day. Torque steer is an understatement.

Do you store your car for winter? What’s your ritual for doing so?

She’s come so far in the few months I’ve had it in my possession, and over winter she’s got so far to go!