It’s Back….

Turn one Cota

Yesterday was the first day of F1 back in Austin, being that I’d gone and bought season tickets to the track, of course I’m going to be there.

So just a few quick impressions from day one.

The Crowd is healthy! After going to the last two event, Wec and Imsa, and feeling like Austin could do better to support the track by showing up in droves, they have. Of course it is also helped out by tons of visitors. Walking through the parking lot is a 50 State spot-athon. The cars in the lots are also pretty cool.


The new cars FAST! So wow, they look beautiful and are unbelievably fast. The last speed check for me was a Lmp1 car from WEC. Lmp1 is fast, but these F1 cars, not even in the same class.


All the stuff going on at the track is pretty cool. It seems like the day is full of off track events. The Austin360 amphitheater is doing the autograph sessions. I got luck enough to get a few shots of team Ferrari. Seb is cool, Kimi is eh. Kimi, yes i’ll call him out, only did a very brief autograph session. He didn’t complete the circle. In and out like the Singapore grand Prix. Seb on the other hand, took his time.


And as always if you go, explore the track and the food trucks don’t anchor yourself to one spot.

Stupid ga pass.

Ps. I hate theses stupid bands. Don’t tighten them too much, they don’t loosen at all. 

Bonus: cool parking lot car pic. No good sir it’s not mine, but I wish it was.

Rhd Silvia

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