It’s been that kind of day.

Double margarita while I do the dishes.

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My colleagues running the DDS year 1 course have decided to go ahead with remote proctoring of their test using the scheme I came up with but intended only for outliers that couldn’t get in physically. Now 106 of them will be proctored by video conference. Technical glitches will be rampant. Cheating more so. I told them may the Schwartz be with you, but I’m canceling my test. Academic integrity is kind of a thing with me.

I told my DH students we’ll let the D1s be our guinea pigs and find out everything that can go wrong before we try it.


At least research can go on as normal, so my lab stays open. And liquor stores are classified as essential services under the County order. Gotta love Texas.

Also, my daughter baked several dozen chocolate chip cookies. So the world still has plenty to recommend it tonight. Be well friends.

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