It’s getting within days of my 4th year anniversary with the A4 and yet I just discovered a new feature today!

Was installing my Fastrak (also criminally overdue) and doing some other prep for a camping trip I’m going on tomorrow (checking tire pressures, fluids, putting on my also way overdue registration sticker 😅,...). Anyway, I had to get in a weird position to install it and I saw this:


A little extra sun visor for blocking on top of the rear view mirror! I’ve definitely needed it before and didn’t know it was there so I’m quite pleased to have discovered it!

I’ve never read the manual for this car because a) it didn’t come with one and b) I’m not really the type of person to read a car user manual the whole way through. Highly doubt there’s anything else about this car I don’t know about, but I love being surprised in good ways!

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