For some reason I got it in my head yesterday that I should buy a lawn mower, so I figured I’d look for one that I used to have: a Kubota W5019. But I actually did two better and found a W5021!

Now in the Facebook ad, he didn’t call it a W5021, just a Kubota lawn mower. But he said it was self propelled, and the W5019s were a) two inches narrower at a 19” cut and b) push only, so the fact it’s self propelled told me it was almost certainly a W5021.

It runs mint and the transmission works, but he said the cable for the blade brake clutch was broken, which made me a little wary...the blade brake clutch lets you shut off the blade and idle the mower while emptying the bag, and it’s an expensive/hard to find part, so I didn’t want to buy it without checking the clutch out. Fortunately, there was enough cable left that I could grab it and pull it, and the clutch engaged fine. So purchase authorized!


The clutch cable is available online for $15 or so, and I paid $80 for the mower, so I’ll be all in for under $100. With that fixed, if I was going to sell it I’d put it on CL for $’s a super well made mower, worlds better than the $250 junk you’d buy at Lowes. I’m happy with it.