It’s like I have a new truck! (SUV, whatever)

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After the road trip to NY, I was a bit disillusioned with the 4Runner. It was an ok ride, but not the greatest. Part of that was my own fault and something I should have taken care of after I initially installed the new wheels/tires. After I put on the heavy E load BFGs, I had a vibration from about 60 MPH and up. Nothing horrible, but noticeable enough. Generally, my driving is around town, so the higher speed vibration was forgotten until I was on the highway again. I know heavy tires can be a pain to balance, and other 4Runner peeps complain of slight vibes after a lift. I chalked my experience up to typical 4Runner and decided to live with it.


The 4Runner was due for a tire rotation and balance, so I took it to Discount Tire, where I bought the tires for the free lifetime balance/rotation. Normally that would be included with ToyotaCare, but not at my dealer (or possibly any) after I installed the 2” lift and 275 BFGs. Anyway, holy cow, I should’ve brought the 4Runner back after the tires were initially installed. It’s like a new vehicle. Zero vibes, rides smooth, smooth, and feels great. I had it on the highway last night, and as I accelerated to 60, I mentally prepared for the vibes, and nothing....I kept accelerating and, nothing....up to 80MPH, nothing. 

tl;dr Rotate and balance your tires, and get them rebalanced if you have vibrations. I was silly and ignored it for far too long. And don’t take anyone’s word for “this is typical”.

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