If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

It’s not Jon Voigt’s LeBaron,

But how about Kevin James’ Eldorado, as seen in the film Grown Ups, a film I have not seen, but I trust exists.

The ad claims it’s a “very rare coach built car - only like 200/250 made a year - costs $70k new!” Which leads to the following revelations: 1) 200/250 is 0.8 cars a year, which is very rare indeed. 2) My XJ8 retailed for more than a coach-built Eldorado. 3) my XJ8 is worth between $1600 (because it had its tensioners replaced) and -$5000 (if the prospective buyer puts it in reverse and sees that the transmission is going to have to be rebuilt), therefore MSRP means nothing.


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