The painted plastic around my ingnition button was a bit chipped which ticked me off. Would it have been so hard to just use black plastic? Why use clear plastic and then paint it, that seems so needlessly complicated, and presents the possibility of having that paint chip off an look bad. The previous owner of my car was an older woman, nails and rings take their toll on a car. My Galant had chipped paint all around the door frame, and absolutely destroyed leather on the steering wheel, from the previous owner’s many many rings.

Anyway I wanted to replace the trim, but you can’t. You’d have to replace the whole unit which is about 80 bucks new. So instead I got this aluminum ring off eBay for 4 dollars shipped from Hong Kong. The funny part is almost every seller has it for 13 dollars, or 4 dollars plus 9 dollars shipping except this one. Looks much better to me.

I also could have gotten a carbon fiber one, bur The aluminum suits the car better I think.