Instead of saying what all is fixed, I’ll say what needs fixing.

The minor issues:

- horn not not going off when I press lock on key fob (lights still go off). It was working fine 2 days ago.

- lights not going off when I press unlock on key fob.

- very slow leak in LR winter tire (small stone in bead? Rust on steel wheel near bead?)

- creaking, & rattles, creaking, & rattles.

- brakes need cleaning (maybe brake pads?).

- needs an alignment (RF looks like it’s toeing out some looking at it head on, & keeps wanting to pull right).


The major issues:

- clutch is quite worn.

- reverse lights not working (good: bulbs, fuse, & switch. Problem still unknown).


- gate dividing 3rd|5th is wonky. Going 6-5 it wants to go 6-3. Going 4-5 it wants to go 4-3.

- front summer tires are shot (to be addressed in the spring).