With an autocross event on Sunday (just be jealous all of you northerners) and a club tech day tomorrow, I figured that I would thrown on my new track tires this afternoon to scrub them in a little tomorrow before the event. The last time I swapped the tires in the driveway it wan’t too bad. Though the car is low, and I need to put something under the front tires in order to get a jack underneath, that’s not all that challenging.

That was the plan.

So I put the car on the flattest spot in the driveway, up on some two-by-fours, got my low profile jack out, and set about loosening lug nuts before throwing it in the air. Sounds good so far.

I got the first tire off and put the replacement in its place, but then as I was trying to torque down the lugs... My socket got stuck. No amount of hammering on it has yet been able to separate the socket from that lug nut. Fine. I pulled that one and put one of the “tuner lugs” in it’s place.

The 2nd and 3rd wheel went well enough, but I wasn’t able to torque the lugs down since the socket was still stuck on that one lug. No worries, I would run by Home Depot and pick up another and get it done once I has hand torqued things down with the t-bar wrench.


And then I hit the 4th wheel.

No amount of force I was able to exert was able to separate three of the lugs from their seat in the wheel. I was able to get two of them off, but those other three would not budge. I tried my one little breaker bar, stood on the t-bar and was completely unable to move them. So I tightened those two loose ones back down and drove over to Home Depot.


A new deep socket later, along with a 4 foot pipe and a cordless impact later and I was finally able to finish the job. Two. Hours. Later.

Fuck I’m out of shape.

At least I now have the right tools to do this at the track without taking all day or injuring myself.