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It shouldn't be this hard to deal with receptionists

Time for the latest update on the idiots who work for me, including Particularly Religious Coworker, and the other receptionist who is just a straight up bubblehead and I hate. These two are obsessed with complaining that they don’t know my and the other managers’ exact schedules. This is impossible to know, because we have flexible schedules.


This morning, as I happened to walk through the lobby, Particularly Religious Coworker and Bubblehead were both complaining that one of the other managers, who often starts his day working from home and then comes in sometime between noon and 2, hadn’t yet arrived, and they didn’t know exactly when to expect him. He works from home all the time. I suggested that’s probably what he was doing.

They complained more about not knowing our schedules, because they’re fixated on this concept that they absolutely need to tell anyone who calls for us, our exact whereabouts and expected time of arrival. Which makes no sense, because if you call any other business and someone’s not available, you just get their voicemail. That’s even what happens when you call our school’s other campuses.

This is far from the first time I’ve attempted to explain this to Particularly Religious Coworker and Bubblehead, but they keep sticking to it. In fact, my boss had a conversation with them about it last week.

I attempted once again to explain my and the other managers’ preferences regarding sharing our calendar information. They didn’t like this. Bubblehead actually said to my face that she was tuning me out and not listening to me anymore. I let her know that was unacceptable and she’s going to be hearing more about it later.


The problem with Particularly Religious Coworker and Bubblehead is they take everything 100% literally, and Bubblehead in particular is completely incapabale of thinking on her feet. If something happens that isn’t exactly as how it has been described to her, she acts like BUT THIS IS NOT THE PLAN AS IT WAS DESCRIBED TO ME, and can’t cope.

At first I wrote out an overly detailed plan of every way to handle incoming calls for managers. My boss, myself and the guy who works from home got together and agreed that we wouldn’t actually send Particularly Religious Coworker and Bubblehead this list, but it was good talking points for my boss to sit both of them down again and hopefully beat it into their heads once and for all that they don’t need to say anything to callers beyond “they’re not available, here’s their voicemail.” She’s also going to talk to Bubblehead individually and explain in no uncertain terms she can’t say shit to me like I’m tuning you out.

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