Illustration for article titled It snowed last night so I decided to ride my bike to work today

I thought it’d be fun and I was gearing up (literally, having bought warm base layers and pants) for this for a while now. It sucked. Lesson learned.

The problem was that the snow was fresh and quite wet. My attempts at peddling were nearly futile. The bike was fishtailing almost the entire time and I found it easier to ride in the fresh snow as opposed to following footprints because it was bumpy and nearly impossible to control. The ride usually takes me 35 mins but today it was 1:20. Came across a guy on a fat bike and he was struggling too - more tire, more resistance. I’m not really interested in shelling out for a new wheel set with skinnier tires as it’s just too much money. Guess I’ll wait for some of it to melt or get packed down and rely on the car for now.


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