I’ve been watching this for awhile. Turbo, manual, awd, 850 wagon in immaculate condition, with 3rd row jump seats. Canada import, and a rare one at that. Went for $6000 (maybe less). Do I regret not going for it, and selling my current 850? *sigh*. Yes, yes I do.

I guess I could email the original seller asking for the buyers contact info.

In case the ad disappears...



Beatiful isn’t it. Okay, here’s a few more things on my radar.

Clean 540i, for pennies. Definitely not a disaster waiting to happen. Uncommon color, too! Whenever I see a gold car, I remember my high-school girlfriend who was given a gold 05 Tacoma in fantastic shape, and threw a fit because “it was ugly gold and I CAN’T be seen driving this I HATE you dad!!!!”


Good times.

Bit spendy, but I’m a huge fan of the interior and exterior colors.