Last night I fixed some wiring sins and tossed exhaust on the CX500 and took it for its first ride since it was stolen last year!

It sounds great. Slow as balls and has no tag or lights so... safety first?

One problem is that I appear to have put the water pump back together wrong, which I didn’t realize was possible but after googling it seems there are some washers that require special attention and one that requires re-annealing.

Oops. Anyways...


Need to figure out a shroud for the wiring harness.

Going to 3d print a plate that goes here and holds the keyfob. Check out my fancy integrated start button!


Need to pull this somehow.


The electronics used to live here. They have been mostly moved. Need to figure out how to mount a fender back here.

This tire is toast lol


Bonus pic of a dirty Syclone.