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It Turrrns!

Another good news / bad news weekend in project Make Casey Great Again. Adjusted the brake pullrods and it now steers and stops (as long as I don’t mind pulling really hard on the levers). So now I have the full selection of crawly-buckety motions available to me, and I can go play in the debris pile that is my yard, yay!


  • What I thought was a leaking hydraulic cylinder is actually a rusted out hydraulic line - or rather, yes the cylinder leaks but that’s not the only, or biggest, problem. Net effect is that any attempt to push the bucket down into the dirt results in fluid all over my boot and the need to shove it down again every few seconds.
  • The torque converter (aka power shuttle) gave up the ghost after about 5 minutes playing, leaving us stuck mid-field. Hopefully that’s just trapped air from refilling it making its way through the system - the fluid level seemed OK but it was full of bubbles. Will see what the level’s like once it’s had time to settle. Another odd thing is that with the power turned off there’s a definite detent action when moving the direction lever between forward/neutral/reverse, but with it running there’s not: you need to take extreme care shifting out of gear or you wind up suddenly going the wrong way.
  • I left a drip tray under the transmission during the week and it’s collected about half a litre of grey guck from somewhere. Which doesn’t bode well...
  • It still leaks about a litre of water a week

Still, we’re now looking hopeful enough that I may splash out $20 on a new air filter hose so I can shove some dirt around without worrying about the diesel eating it.


In other news: scooping stuff up in a bucket is harder than it looks when you can’t see a darn thing over the front. Practice needed.

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