Sunday I drove the Alfa. Not far, and not fast, but I made a few laps around the neighborhood and cleared the pipes and bit. The engine pulled hard, although I probably need to run some Seafoam and replace the fuel filter. Wheels need balancing and tires need air (hopefully they aren't flat spotted). Might as well replace the air filter too. The idle was a little wobbly so I punched up the throttle a little (should idle smoothly at 800 RPM, had to increase to 1,000) until I can fiddle with the AFM and throttle body. No smoke, no weird noises. Brakes were weak, so I plan to bleed them this week. Have to replace a stripped rear bleeder though. Camlock tool in hand. And of course it needs to be THOROUGHLY cleaned, polished, and waxed.

But man. Was it good to be behind the wheel. Once I get the issues sorted, hopefully over the next week or so, I'll post up some video of a short drive. Maybe I can find a way to mount my Zoom recorder by the exhaust. The sound is as glorious as I remember.