It was a smokey first drive

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Project 3.2 996 lives! I just took it on its maiden voyage around the block. I’ve started up the engine 3-4 times now and today was my first time driving it around the block.


It has no mufflers so it’s loud as hell. Better yet, I don’t know yet how I’m going to mount the mufflers.

So, it runs, drives and shifts. However it also smokes like holy hell. I have one hopeful thought:

When the old engine blew and oil and coolant poured into the exhaust pipes, it coated the inside and it’s going to take time to burn it all off. I dumped all the pipes out, but considering the time between the engine blowing, me getting it, and me actually dumping it out, it probably stuck on the insides of the pipes and soaked into the cats, etc. and so maybe with time, it won’t smoke like this.


What does Oppo think, does this seem plausible or is something else going on?

More details to come when I don’t feel compelled to only drive under the cover of night due to stink and noise.


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