It was all going well...

The E28 was running so well I decided to go look for problems. I had not take the wheels off to look at the brakes so I tackled that yesterday afternoon.

The good news is that the brakes are in really good condition, and most of the seals / lines / wiring looked to be in good shape.

Then there is the other news, though not all that bad.


Pretty sure that isn’t supposed to look like that. Guess I’m shopping for new front shocks.

Then there is this:

That is the drivers side of the transmission, and it appears to be coming from the slave cylinder. I didn’t figure out what that part was until late in the evening, so I have not checked the fluid level yet. But the amount of fluid on the floor was about a tablespoon, so it does not appear catastrophic.

Odd that it started leaking the week after my first oil change, so I’m going to have to look at the leaking fluid and all levels closer tonight.

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