If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

It was declared taco tuesday and it was good.

I made tacos last night after I bought a 10 year old taco. It was a good night.

I bought a 2006 TRD Sport with 80k miles and a new frame and exhaust. Took a good look at it with my mechanic during a PPI and was amazed that it is virtually rust free (probably thanks to the new frame that was installed). Added an Appradio 4 head unit last night (more on that in a bit) and already have more ideas.


The first isn’t going to be for a while as I wait for funds to replenish, but I really like the TRD baja wheels. I generally don’t like flashy wheels, but I would make an exception for something that was a factory option. The stock wheels are starting to flake a little bit. What does oppo think?

The second idea I’m on the fence about, but I think it would look good if I plastidipped the black part of the grill white and all of the badging black. I don’t want it to look trashy, but have always enjoyed a full storm trooper look on cars. Need oppopinions. I think I’m going to remove the dealer badging from the tailgate and the TRD lettering on the side of the bed.

Anyways I wasted the better part of an hour trying to figure out why the metra double DIN plate wasn’t fitting back in. I eventually realized I had the head unit surround on upside down and the curve was the reason it wasn’t going to fit. After I figured it out I still broke one of the plastic tabs... If it becomes an issue I’ll replace the surround. Will also need to dremel out around the hazard button to prevent sticking, but how often do you need to use hazards, let alone turn them off.


Carplay is a nice feature to have now and maybe I’ll do a review once I get some miles in the seat. Does anyone know of any other nav app that works with carplay? I did the parking brake defeat switch too and overall I think it’s a pretty clean setup.

Now I just need a car pun for the other 6 days of the week. Scratch that 5, I still have my moped for Mondays.

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