It Was My Birthday

My birthday was on Wednesday, the 2nd. I turned 41. Hooray, I’m old. Last week at the grocery store, after unloaded my basket, got rung up and paid, I had two or three bags and 12 pack of soda. The young lady cashier asked if she needed to have someone bring me a cart so that I could get my small amount of groceries out to the truck. I must look old now. Maybe I need to get some Just For Men for the grey patches in my beard?

For my birthday, which was fairly low-key as I’m apparently a feeble old man now, my wonderful wife did not disappoint with the gifts. She got me the new Jonathan Safran Foer Book, “Here I Am”. He’s probably my favorite contemporary author, so I’m pretty excited to start reading it.


One gift I got early (as she told me she bought it so I wouldn’t buy it myself), which was a vintage Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens for my camera. It is fantastic. It’s from 1963 and looks brand new. Someone took very good care of it for a long time. I’ve been shooting with it a lot over the last few weeks.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to shoot any cars with it yet. The opportunity hasn’t presented itself. But that will all change today when I photograph the final gift. She bought me a Ferrari. Really. Now, it is a 2013 model, but it doesn’t have a single mile on the motor. I can’t wait to open it up to see what it can do.


I don’t know how she hid it from me as she took delivery of it about two weeks ago. She’s really bad about keeping gifts a secret and had been asking me every day for a week or so if I wanted my birthday presents early. Every time she asked, I would tell her that it wasn’t my birthday and that I would wait. This really bugged her as she was very excited for me to get this.

I will post pictures, and maybe a video, of it later today, as soon as I can. Time to get my mid-life crisis on!


I’m still in shock. I got a Ferrari!

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